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De - Stress

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” – William James

Most Common Causes of Stress at work:
1. Unworthy pay for your job.
2. Workaholism.
3. Unhealthy work environment - Unstoppable Competition & Bully Boss.
4. Intense emotional involvement. Nurses, doctors, volunteers and startupists. ⠀

Most Common Causes of Stress not at work: 
The death of a loved one,
Divorce, Getting married, Increase in financial obligations, Moving to a new home, Chronic illness or injury, Emotional problems,
Taking care of an elderly or sick family member.


(Lecture + practice)

What should you do when you and your team are in stress. Theory of what is stress and practices to reduce it.

Conflicts solving

(Lecture + practice)

Conflicts from childhood to the present day. How to resolve conflicts in any situations. Theory  + techniques to use.

Data addiction / Digital stress (Lecture + practice)

What is an impact of all the data we receive during the day on our mind and body. Techniques and suggestions to create a structure that will work for you.

1. Be open and receptive to learning about yourself.
2. Be open to using new skills every day.
3. Be willing to explore the "feelings" side of yourself.

Lectures and Workshops



Useful knowledge regarding the risk assessment process when dealing with employees suffering with stress at work.


Techniques how to look at the individual more openly and understand them, see different signs of stress management before the breakdown.


“Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.”
– Hans Selye

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