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Alexander Khalifer, SW Engineer, Start-up owner

​Raya is my coach for almost a year.
So Honest, Strait, Tough and Laser Sharp. 
For each and every coaching session I get the being of clarity and ease,
I'm free to see and to discover what's available in any situation, what is the next step to grow, 
what is the next level to reach. 
Out of Raya's absolute commitment, 
she is a stable stand for my authentic being, effectiveness and success.


Rena Feder Shalem, Architect, 25 years experience in Interiors

Raya is a powerful coach. I was working on a project with a team who could not always meet in person, and my project had lost focus and momentum. I was nervous and ambivalent about leading the upcoming conference call. Raya helped me to prepare mentally for the call, as well as to build a strong structure for the call. I began the call by taking responsibility as the team leader and reestablishing our power as a team. This created an atmosphere of integrity, responsibility and generosity in our team communication that helped me focus the discussion while encouraging participation, keep to our agenda, set achievable and manageable goals and finish this very productive call on time. I was empowered as a leader by her coaching, and in turn my team was empowered.


Victoria Falman, Protocol and Business Etiquette Adviser (Russia, Israel, UAR)

“When you are a Oleh Hadash, in Israel, you, moreover, do not have a fashionable specialty, and your ideas meet with misunderstanding of the“ experienced ” people.

You have two ways.

First: forget about ideas, experience and 3 higher educations and do unskilled labor.

Second: still try to find a worthy place in the new conditions.
And here the help and support of a professional is needed. Raya's coaching helped me a lot. Raya explained to me how it works here, gave very specific advices, thanks to which I mastered new tools for myself, without which there is no way to growth!
Very friendly and supportive. A lot of advices and useful links after the calls were priceless! You understand that here you have a person who is interested in your success, although, it would seem, why all of a sudden?
Highly recommend! Raya, thanks! I am yours forever! "


Yuiko Kobayashi, Business Development & Marketing Consultant
in Israel and Japan

​Working with Raya, there are two things that you want to keep in mind if you want to get most out of it. The one, that you are coachable. 
The two: that to know what you want and want to create. The clearer you are the more you benefit and be effective.

Our typical conversation goes like this;
I talk and talk.
And she listens to me patiently.

She’s patient when I am beating around the bush and not getting to the point (usually it happens either when I see the problem as something more than I can handle or totally opposite; when I see it so unimportant.)

Then she goes like;

“What do you want to create?”

Everything comes down to this.

When things seem to me too complicated or a life seems (did I forget to say “my” life?) to have too much to handle, Raya is staying there for you rather quietly and goes like that. And this makes my "apparently" complicated life simpler and help straighten my thinking process.

She can be tough sometimes, but never cold or indifferent.

She has a way to make one feel that she cares and supports with love and warmth. She helps you to be practical and at the same time ask you to dream big.

So the question comes down to this again.

“What do you want in life?”, 
“What do you want to create?” 
“How do you want to live your life?”


Tatiana Lokshin, Customer Service Manager

I am very grateful to Raya for her work. She is a very attentive and professional psychologist, with extensive experience in various currently relevant companies. With her energy and desire to participate in the process of promoting me, in particular, she instills in me self-confidence, lost due to the recent repatriation and misunderstanding of some of the processes taking place in Israel. She plans, coordinates and directs to take the necessary steps, always prompts, always supports. Recommended.


Indi Kaur, Music Teacher, Visibility for Disability program creator

'Raya is a committed  listener who has an ability to encourage and empower others in their pursuit for self-discovery. 

Raya has an a creative  and effective approach in assisting others to carve out visions and projects that are concerned with making positive contribution themselves and their communities. Raya has designed  a sequence of  sessions, carefully tailored  for her clients.  These sessions involve reflective discussions  and explorations though art and brainstorming as well as mindful practice. 

Raya's approach towards communicating and connecting with her clients on multiple levels is uplifting.  Her knowledge and wisdom enhances the experience of the course.

I  would gladly recommend  Raya's Feminine and Masculine Energy Balance program to any one who is looking to  expand themselves.'

Indi Kaur  25/09/2021


Itay, Product Manager, Additive Technology Solutions Hi-Tech Company

Your coach rating: 5 out of 5
Overall program experience: 5 out of 5

We drilled down to the root of the issues (from childhood) and see how it impacts my day-to-day behavior.

After I finished the program with Raya I received the freedom and ability to talk freely with no constraints or internal politics.


Itay, 24/10/2021

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