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How to give negative feedback?

When you are looking for a job you receive a lot of rejections and most of the time you don’t know about the reason. Some companies or managers are open to share their feedback, some appreciate giving very nice general answers.

Yesterday I spoke with one of the employees and received his feedback that was very clear and constructive for me. When I shared it with my clients they started to give me the reasons why they think they are right and his feedback is not constructive.

Photo: @Kat Smith on Pexels

In this situation, because we don’t need to reach a joint decision, the client can take it or throw it away.

My role is to cause clients to take the feedback.

How to do it in the most effective way?

  1. Personally, if not - give the same feedback to each person. Solve the same challenge with everyone.

  2. Deliver feedback respectfully. Without making drama, making it bigger or being too nice and creating very long introductions before giving a feedback.

  3. Explain why it is important to be aware of this feedback, how it can change the situation, and how it can strengthen the person.

  4. Give the person the ability to answer, to react, to be nervous, to be upset and be there to say “I understand, I was in the same situation…” and share your situation. It gives the person the ability to feel that it is something to change and everyone deals with this, and that there is nothing wrong with him.

Your ability to be open and manage this situation is the key if the other side takes it or throws it away.

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