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Practice that Support Your Self-Development.

How interested are you in yourself?

How interested are you in knowing yourself?

Understanding what is important to you, why it is important to you.

Are you more interested in your current project? books? series?

Are you more interested in something there than something here - inside you?

You can do this practices as you like, but when you write with a pen on paper, the brain begins to work on a different level ... you immediately connect your mind, your body and your soul.

This practice help you learn to notice everything that happens to you.

This practice help you not to react automatically to the situation, create a state of mind, actions and steps towards goals.

Well, when you know how to stop, devote time to yourself, analyze your feelings, reactions, relationships - this creates the ability to stop in the moment and not act automatically.

This practice is designed to clear your brain, your thoughts that may be preventing you from being more efficient or moving forward.

Sometimes, when you are very excited and want to run to sort things out, it is recommended to sit down and calm down for a minute and realize what is happening to you.

Decision diary.

After a month, analyzing these decisions, understanding what decisions were made, what results they led to, and how effective it is to repeat the same algorithm of actions / decisions / behavior.

Preparation: Set yourself up for practice - sit down in some quiet place, on the seashore, with a cup of coffee.

Analyze your 1:1 meeting/team meeting/board meeting:

1. How was the meeting?

2. What did I do well?

3. What helped me to do it well (what skills, knowledge, qualities, experience)?

4. What would I change in the next session? What should I do differently?

5. What do I need to learn? What questions should I find answers to?

6. What actions do I want to take now?

Reflection: Read what you wrote and add ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS ONLY

  1. How do I feel now after reading all this?

  2. What was new for me?

  3. What was easier for me to write about, what was more difficult, why?

  4. What is already clear and familiar, and what is repeated and highlighted again?

Do nothing with your feelings, there is nothing wrong that you feel this or other way, but with using this practice you will be more connected to your feelings and could manage them.

If you resist doing the reflection part - it’s your choice and your development, but I would invite you to start with 1 minute writing and increase it when you feel more comfortable.

You can do it for every meeting you participate in order to get to know yourself better.

I promise it will increase your effectiveness!

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