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Feminine and Masculine Energy Balance


How to get material well-being and abundance using energies that are comfortable for your feminine nature.

art therapy +

coaching discovery


2 lists of A4,

colour pencils 


How to recover your energy if there is a feeling of stress and how to open and expand your personal growing at work.

mediation +

coaching discovery

12 lists of A4,



How to recover your calm creative energy if there is a feeling of stress.

mediation +

coaching discovery

2 lists of A4,



individual / groups of 2-5 women

online / offline

Regardless of gender, we all contain both masculine and feminine energy - and your leading energy reflects your inner nature and values.

Masculine traits: Dominant, Strong, Independent, Assertive, Brave.
Feminine traits: Innovative, Emotional, Collaborative, Nurturing, Vulnerable, Caring, Humble.

“A complete human being is in equilibrium, between masculine and the feminine”. Sadhguru.


The combination of tasks, coaching techniques and art-therapy will give you an idea of ​​yourself and your attitude towards yourself. The workshop provides hints about where you limit yourself and underestimate. A professional tools will help you find the key to the safe where your wealth is hidden. You will have the access to your wealth well-being.



Realization of your desires
Feeling of lightness, love and support
Increasing the level of vitality and strength
Unexpected, but pleasant and easy receipts of money from where they did not expect
Feeling of calmness, gratitude and joy of life.

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We can work, do business, make millions, be leaders, achieve goals, win, do men's work. If we want ...
Our mind is more sensitive than that of men. Our emotions are more sensitive.
We are not like men and we will never become them.
We experience many things in our life differently.

It is important for us not only what we can achieve, but also if we enjoy achieving it.

Each of us wants to be happy, but how can we achieve this?
Before being happy, everyone will have to learn to accept themselves and others.

Accept and understand your feelings.
Learn to be peaceful, calm and creative.

Woman creates an emotional background everywhere, woman creates the world around with her energy,

the atmosphere will depend on the woman's inner state.
Confident and calm woman creates peace and love around her.

These workshops are designed to bring  back your strength, balance and femininity.

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